REV2016 24-26 February 2016, UNED, Madrid, Spain

REV2016 24-26 February 2016, UNED, Madrid, Spain

Best Paper Award

Stylianos Vourakis (presenter), Dimitris Fassouliotisand and Christine Kourkoumelis
An advanced Go-Lab scenario for the GUI-based analysis of large samples of particle physics data

PhD Student's Forum Award

Danilo Zutin (presenter), Michael Auer, Pablo Orduña and Christian Kreiter
Online Lab Infrastructure as a Service: A new Paradigm to Simplify the Development and Deployment of Online Labs

Best Student Paper Award

Luis Felipe Zapata Rivera (presenter), and Maria M. Larrondo-Petrie
Models of Remote Laboratories and Collaborative Roles for Learning Environments

Best Demonstration (Best Platform) Award

Frantisek Lustig (presenter)
Simple modular system „iSES Remote Lab SDK“ for creation of remote experiments accessible from PC, tablets and mobile phones

Best Demonstration (Best Experiment) Award

Tobias R. Ortelt (presenter), Rickmer Meya, Alessandro Selvaggio, Sami Chatti and A. Erman Tekkaya
Live Demo of two Experiments using a Remote Lab for Forming Technology

Honorable Mention Demonstration (Best Platform)

Luis de la Torre (presenter), Tiago Faustino Andrade, Maria Teresa Restivo and Jose Sanchez
Easy Creation and Deployment of Javascript Remote Labs with EjsS and Moodle

Honorable Mention Demonstration (Best Experiment) Award

Igor Titov (presenter), Alexander Glotov, Andrey Yelizarov and Victor Petrov
Labicom Labs: Remote and Virtual Solid-State Laser Lab, RF&Microwave Amplifier Remote and Virtual Lab (Interactive demonstration of Labicom labs in winter 2016)

2016 GOLC Online Laboratory Award

Category Visualized Experiments

HY.P.A.T.I.A. Event Display
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Category Simulated Experiments

TivSeg Simulator
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Category Remote Controlled Experiments/Laboratories
iSES Remote Lab SDK
Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

2015 IAOE iJOE Outstanding Paper Award

Sasha Nikolic, University of Wollongong, Australia
Understanding How Students Use and Appreciate Online Resources in the Teaching Laboratory


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